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Estate Planning Attorney Information - Nancy Valentine

Estate Planning Attorney Information

Here in southern California, most estate plans include some real property. As an Estate Planning attorney, you are evaluating your client’s overall situation There is a need to eliminate uncertainties over the administration and valuation of the assets and maximize its value by reducing taxes and other expenses. My team and I can help.

It is becoming increasingly common for clients to view real estate as a component of estate planning.   Many clients own multiple properties and view the purchase and sale of real estate as an investment strategy. Many use real estate as an important part of building wealth and passing it to heirs. Many parents want to help their adult children by buying homes for them.

I have provided the following resources to assist estate panning attorneys in the valuation of real estate for their clients or in working with the beneficiaries of an estate.

• Evaluation of Fair Market Value of real estate owned
•Parents buying homes for their children: the use of trusts as a vehicle to keep the asset in the family
•Meeting with senior clients regarding options for more appropriate living arrangements
•Sending information to out of area relatives to assist in explaining the value of real estate
•Updates on market activity
•Title research including copies of deeds and recorded documents
•Propositions 60 & 90 for clients 55+ to transfer the real estate tax basis to their replacement home
•Worksheets with topics such as:
  • What is the Real Value of Your Home?
  • Worksheet for calculation of real estate basis for Capital Gains
  • Understanding Propositions 60/90
  • Transferring Real Estate to Children or Grandchildren
I honor and foster the client’s relationship with their trusted advisors and family members.
For further information on any of the documents listed above or other Estate Planning issues regarding Real Property, please contact me.

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